Emma August 22nd, 2020

I was lucky enough to be the first Research Assistant to Changing Faces and to work for James in those 'early days' ... what an adventure! It was exciting to be part of something so new and with James at the helm, there was never a dull moment! James and Nicky Rumsey were a super "boss double act" and learning from them both, I had the best introduction to what has become a career of research. James was a very kind, supportive and encouraging man to work for. As my sister put it when I told her the sad news of his passing "He was your Work Dad!" He was. A wonderful father figure to me in my 20's a friend in my 30's and 40's. He is gone far to early but we will always remember him, his sense of fun, incredible energy (what WAS his secret - probably having Carrie in his life I expect) and intellect - I usually had to look up words after I'd seen him! I am so sad that he is no longer with us but so proud to have known and worked for him. Much love to all of his family, friends and colleagues xxx