Jonathan August 23rd, 2020

"Many years ago, in the early 2000's, just as I was starting out with Project Harar, a charity that secures surgery for facially disfigured children in Ethiopia, I came across an amazing individual called James Partridge who had founded a charity called Changing Faces with the sole aims of reducing the disadvantages that individuals with severe facial disfigurements encountered in their lives and secondly raised awareness amongst the general public about the various issues that exist. He aimed to normalise and indeed empower disfigured individuals in our society. This was all very relevant to my organisation at the time, and of course still is, perhaps now more than ever. He could speak with great candour and experience because he himself was badly burned and disfigured whilst a teenager. One was immediately drawn to him, he had great charisma and passion, so much so, that within minutes of meeting him, you forgot the injuries that he wore, which were at once inconsequential. A charming man too, he acted as my mentor all those years ago, quietly and patiently encouraging and informing me as I built up my own charity. He was always available to me and came to support Project Harar at a number of our fundraising dinners. In more recent years, he was becoming more important to us once again as the Founder of Face Equality International which Project Harar had only recently joined.  I mourn the loss of a truly great man, a trailblazer in his field.” Jonthan Crown