Nichola August 26th, 2020

James - it was such a treat to work with you over the years. I was always so relieved when you were also present at the many meetings, conference dinners & other events along the way. Not only could you be relied upon to bring a massive dose of your infectious energy to the proceedings, but your presence was also a guarantee that there would be some fun - perhaps you would let loose one of your characteristic guffaws, or a barely disguised snort in response to a pompous or uninformed remark from a speaker. Your energy could also be relentless of course - just as I was ready to call time on a particular battle, you would enter 'Stage Left' and with a completely irresistible rallying cry, persuade me to turn around, re-engage and try harder. How could any of us turn away when your own fearlessness and determination were there to emulate? It’s impossible to overstate the influence you had on the hearts and minds of so many people. You will be sorely missed by so many. Sending very best love to Carrie, Simon Charlotte and Harriet. You were his rock. From Nicky (Rumsey).